Christmas 2012 Best desserts for Christmas

While desserts for Christmas aren’t what they are for Thanksgiving, they do have their own certain charm and because of Christmas vacation, quite often the kids can help make them. Of course everyone has their favorites, but the ones listed below are probably the most popular. At the top of the list has to be Christmas cookies, even though there isn’t really any one cookie that can be definitively called THE Christmas cookie; though the decorated sugar cookie certainly comes close when made with Christmas cookie cutters and colored icing and sugar decorations. Other favorites include: chocolate chip, buckeyes, snowballs (Russian teacakes), mint wafers, gingerbread, gingersnaps, Rice-Krispies treats and snicker doodles. Next up, the every present fruitcake even though few people ever actually eat it, it’s still a favorite and it’s definitely traditional. Its roots go back something like several hundred years. And even though the fruitcake has become the butt of some jokes, it’s still a Christmas dessert most everyone expects to see at Christmas. Another traditional Christmas dessert is the Yule log, though like fruitcake Torrey Smith cheap jerseys and Christmas cookies there are probably as many ways to make this annual classic as there are people making them. Some opt for chocolate, others for fruit, while still others yet prefer simple marbling effects. Whichever way you make it, the end result is something that is rolled up at the end to resemble the actual log put on the fire at Christmas to celebrate the holiday. It seems no American holiday can be complete without pie, and certainly Christmas is no exception. It seems someone always makes a bright red cherry pie, to match the red all around the Christmas holiday and someone else makes an apple pie, because almost everyone likes a good apple pie. But then, there are some Andrew Luck cheap jerseys differences sometimes too. For instance, some people make mince-meat pie, with real actually minced meat in it, while other’s stick with classics such as pecan or even pumpkin if they haven’t got that out of their systems after Halloween and Thanksgiving. No matter how you look at it, pie is always welcome, at Christmas, or pretty much any other time. And then there are the traditional desserts that a lot of people have heard of but have never tasted, such as Maurice Jones Drew cheap jerseys plum pudding, or applesauce cake, or sugar plums. And then finally, lest anyone ever forget, there is candy. Lots and lots of candy. Mostly chocolate, and always good, candy is truly the de facto standard for Christmas. It is given as gifts, stuffed into stockings and wolfed down by the pound. Because it’s just that good ray lewis cheap jerseys.

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