Can I Really Get A Good Deal Using An Online Gun Auction

If you spend any time reading or visiting the different firearms forums, you will commonly see questions about online gun auctions. One of the most common questions seems to be "Can I really get a good deal using an online gun auction?".

The answer is most likely, but not always. Yes, you can get some great deals using online gun auctions. In some cases, you can get amazing deals. However, to get a good deal, you'll cheap jerseys need to do the following:

Be familiar with the auction format as it varies between gun auction sites - Most all the major gun auction sites use a similar format. However, some have rules that will extend the auction time out if a last minute bid is placed, and others have rules about restricting last minute bidding (also called sniping). Take the time to learn the format and you'll really enhance your chances on getting a good deal.

Take all the costs associated with the purchase into consideration - This is where many folks make most mistakes. Remember that you'll need to figure in related shipping and handling costs, firearm transfer fees, and possibly sales tax. If you don't figure this into your overall costs, it may not be the deal that you thought it was.

Know how to take advantage of the search function for each gun auction site - Although this sounds kind of basic, I can't tell you how many people don't use this tool, or they only use it a fraction of it's true potential. Let me give you an example: You can always count on someone listing a gun auction to misspell something in the title. In some cases, it's a major word in the title that causes the listing not to appear in standard searches. For example, I purchased a very nice Ruger shotgun because the listing had "Ruger" misspelled as "Rugur". I was able to win the auction for next to nothing compared to the true value. I recently picked up a nice Savage 410/22 combo for a really good price because the owner mispelled "Savage" as "Savag". In you are serious about a good deal, learn to use the search function.

Take advantage of any tools that the gun auction offers - Many gun auction sites now offer some type of e-mail cheap Packers jerseys notification that can be sent to you when an auction with a specific term or word is listed. This can be a huge time saver as you don't have to peruse the auction site every other day to see what's available. With site like, you can identify weapons or models that interest you, and then Gunbroker will e-mail you as soon as an auction that matches your interest is listed.

Learn how to review the seller feedback for each gun auction site - Most all the reputable gun auction sites use some form of a feedback system where buyers can rate sellers. It's worth your time to learn the feedback system for the site. Most reputable sellers will have a decent NFL Communications feedback rating. However, I wouldn't eliminate a new seller from a possible deal just because they haven't had the time to build up their feedback. Some things to help validate a seller include:

Put the seller's name in quotes and search it through Google. Many sellers will use the same seller name at numerous sites so you may locate other sites they sell on. This will give you a chance to review their selling status at those sites.

Send the seller an e-mail with a specific, pertinent question about the item for sale. Look at things like the length of time that the seller takes to respond, depth and knowledge in the response, and willingness to answer cheap Falcons jerseys to questions.

Hopefully, this information will help when you start looking for good deals at the online gun auctions sites. If you would like more info on this topic, consider visiting Online Gun Auctions for more information.

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