D-REX Interactive Dinosaur Is Christmas 2008 Hottest Toy!

The D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur is one very advanced toy. Parents wanting their kids to own pets but cannot because their kids have allergies or their place of residence do not allow, this is the perfect substitute! The interactive dinosaur is truly one of a kind, because it could be quite loyal to its owners. Like real pets, it responds very well to its owner and to a whole host of commands and stimuli. Dinosaurs may be extinct, but it is still not too late to have one for a pet, even if it's just a toy, it is very life-like! Because of its popularity St. Louis Rams and good performance, the D-REX Interactive Dinosaur is named one of the hottest toys of 2008, especially this Christmas!

The D-REX is High-Tech

Several latest technologies in robotics such as voice recognition, artificial intelligence and proprietary software were combined together in order to produce a very advanced interactive toy, the D-REX Interactive Dinosaur! The high-tech touch ensures that the interactive dinosaur is very intelligent and very intuitive. Being their owners' watchdog and best friend is its goal!

The D-Rex show loyalty to its owner

The D-REX Interactive dinosaur is a very apt representation of the real thing! It has very realistic Atlanta Falcons rough reptilian skin and a very fierce appearance! It may be frightening to look at, at first, but it could be very devoted and responsive indeed. It reacts to both touch and voice of its owner. How it obeys his master's commands like to attack and to roar among other actions show how loyal it is!

No two D-REX are similar

The toy dinosaur is very independent, developing its own personality within minutes the interactive dinosaur comes to life, just like any pet! Amazingly, it would eventually reflect San Francisco 49ers the environment it is in. No two D-REX interactive dinosaurs would be the same! It can be as ferocious as a tiger or he can be as cuddly as a puppy. His personality and demeanor is completely up to his owners and his environment. But because it is still a dinosaur, it could roar and stomp unlike any other interactive toy out there.

The Perfect pet as well as friend!

The D-REX Interactive Dinosaur is the alternative for kids to play with aside from the now addictive video games that could lead to negative effects sometimes. The dinosaur will also challenge the child to think, to act and to have fun in a whole new way, as if he has a very good friend beside him. And this is not very far from the Cheap NFL jerseys truth! But unlike a real pet or friend, it never gets tired and is very active whatever the weather is or in whatever time it is.

The D-REX is loved by both Kids and Parents

Kids and parents alike would love the D-REX Interactive dinosaur in their house. It's like having a real pet that is loyal and unique to play with. It could act as the kids' watchdog and best friends too!





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