A fashion don't, Mens Belt Buckles

In men's fashion there are a few things that you can go wrong: a good pair of straight leg jeans, a good pair of dress shoes, and so on. I mean let's face it, men's fashion doesn't really evolve as rapidly as women's fashion. So, you would think that this would make dressing up a rather simple task for men - well you'd be wrong. Everyday men everywhere are making themselves into fashion victims rather than fashion mavens. And one of the biggest mistake that I often see men wearing are mens belt buckles. Although I do not see it much these days, there are still a few men out there that think that a belt buckle is a great fashion item. Mens belt buckles, or Cheap Buccaneers Jerseys at least the one's I've seen, are quite tacky and just plain ugly. If you're not a cowboy or the wrestling for the WWE, then I think there is just no use to wearing them. So with all that said, here are just some of the horrendous examples of mens belt buckles out there in the market.

The Rocker Buckle

I know many men fantasize about being a rock star, but that doesn't mean that you have to wear those awful rocker inspired buckles. You know what I'm talking about, those huge belt buckles that have a big skull and cross bone image on it. There are probably thousands of different kinds of Cheap Giants Jerseys skull buckles out there that come in similar tacky designs. I know there is nothing that screams rocker than skulls and cross bones, but really, there is no need to wear them on your crotch.

The Personalized Buckle

Walking through the mall one day, I passed through a kiosk that sold mens belt buckles of all styles. But one of the most memorable buckle that I saw from that kiosk was this personalized belt buckle. Basically if you brought them a picture of your wife, kids, dog, whatever, they would actually print it on a huge belt buckle. I know many guys are proud of their family and pets, but really, if my dad wore a belt buckle with a picture of the family, Cheap Raiders Jerseys I would steal it in the middle of the night and burn it on the front lawn.

The Light-Up Buckle

Okay, I know every body's seen the light-up belt buckle before. The ones that look like the screens boards on the stock market with the running text that passes through the screen. Man, those buckles are just a crime of fashion, and of taste. I don't think I need to explain why no dignified man should wear this.

Other Buckles

There are some mens belt buckles that are Cheap Ravens Jerseys hard to categorize. Like the just plain obnoxious buckles that have derogatory images and remarks. I'm not sure what kind of man would wear these offensive belt buckles, but I'm sure they are probably the ones having a hard time finding a date.

So to all the men out there that wear big belt buckles, please get rid of them as fast as you can. Men's wear is supposed to be simple and sophisticated, and a huge belt buckle just doesn't give achieve this.





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