Edison’s Favorite Jeans —bape Jeans

Yesterday I was watching TV with louis vuitton outlet store my girlfriend, it was playing entertainment news, and I saw Edison Chen, acturally I don’t hate him much, a little envy instead, I think the undelicate pictures were not spreaded by him, it is the man who spread the pictures should be punished, taking picture is only a hobby and nobody should be condemned due to his unpublished pictures. And now he was still in a foreign country, then I took notice of the T-shirt he was wearing, it was very interesting and lovely, so I immediately googled it, finally I confirmed that it was a bape T-shirt and Bape Jeans, so I read the article about the bape brand.

Bape is an fashional street famous brand, louis vuitton handbags outlet born in Harajuku of Japan, whose full name is “A Bathing Ape in Lukewater”, its logo is very interesting, which is a ape’s head. The Bape brand was founded in 1993 by Nigo, who graduated from Japan culture clothing college, but the logo is designed by his good friend, also a representative figure of Japan—SKATE THING. Bape produce T-shirts only at the very beginning, only fifty pieces every style, of which thirty is for the employees and friends, only very authentic louis vuitton outlet few of them are for sail, at this situation, because the T-shirts are well-designed, good quality and the T-shirts can show the wearer’s personality, it gradually becomes popular in Japan. Then bape started to produce other clothing and related products, but now the range is very wide, including furniture, watches, CDs, hair salon, cafe, gallery, TV shows, even cooperate with other companies to produce condoms and skin care product, etc. In addition, many hot stars represent for bape, now it is really famous and sought-after many crazy fans all around the world, even many stars included.

But also there are some people think bape is a brand lack of creation, everything by shortcut, just copy, but the clothing fashion mostly is a matter of taste, as long as you love it, it is OK, right?

After read so much about the Bape I wanna buy a pair of bape jeans, and the picture attached, what do you think about it ?

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