How to Improve Golf Swing Accuracy and Power

The golf swing can always be improved whether you want your shots to land on target more often or whether you want to get more distance from your shots, the golf swing can always be worked on. In this article I want to give you a quick guide on how to improve golf swing accuracy and power, it will focus on how to improve your accuracy, how to get more power and how to eliminate your mishits.

Improve Your Accuracy

A great swing is one which produces accurate shots on a consistent basis. Accuracy is an asset cheap Jason Snelling jersey which all golfers want to posses, if you're accurate you're going to eliminate mishits, get the ball to land on target every time and most importantly shave strokes off your score.

So the best way in which you can improve your accuracy is to work on your alignment. Now a lot of golfers when it comes to alignment can often neglect it, but just spending a little time working on your alignment will improve your accuracy very quickly.

In order to get aligned correctly you need to align both your body and your clubface correctly. First of all take your normal stance and grip and then you want to align your clubface correctly to your target. To do this you want cheap Tyson Clabo jersey to aim the face of the club at the target.

Next you want to ensure that your body is aligned correctly, now an easy way to do this is to imagine a line going from your ball to your target this is your target line. So if you imagine that line all you need to do is ensure that your hips, feet, shoulders and arms are all aligned parallel to your target line.

Eliminating Mishits

This is again linked to accuracy, in order to improve the accuracy of your shots you need to eliminate your mishits. Now the best way in which you can eliminate your mishits is to work on your posture. The majority of mishits are caused by simply setting up with an incorrect posture - it's either too high or too low.

So now that you're aligned correctly you want to ensure that you have good posture. First of all you want to bend forward slightly from the hips and bend your knees a little, your knees should be nicely flexed. Then ensure that you tilt your spine away from the target a little.

When your stance is viewed in profile your spine and the shaft of the club should form a 90 degree angle. There should be about a hands width between your body and the club. Keep your arms nice and relaxed, your left shoulder should be a little higher than your right shoulder because of the position of your hands on the club - your right cheap Brent Grimes jersey hand is lower than your left on the club.

Now to be certain that you're set-up at the correct height you need to check if your stance is too high or too low. To check if your stance is too low you should address the ball with the clubhead square behind the ball and then move the club back. If the club contacts the ground a few inches behind the ball then your stance is too low. So if you're set-up too low take a look and see that you haven't bent your knees too much, there should be a slight bend rather than a 90 degree bend. cheap Brett Favre jersey





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