The Golf Swing-3 Tips

Are you tired of being an average golfer? Do you think you have paid your dues and think that you should be playing a better game of golf today?

Sounds like you are ready to settle down and become a serious golfer. It
Nfl network on facebook has been fun and games up to now but you want to better your strokes and your handicap. No more being the brunt of jokes. You enjoy your friends, however jokes are getting old.

There are many types of golf swings. In fact, each golfer seems to develop their own personal golf swing. On the other hand, you want a consistent and successful golf swing.

1.An ability to have an effective golf swing which will leave your friends trailing behind you.
2.Have a golf swing which will be consistent and have your shots flying longer and straighter.
3.Minimize penalty strokes, not more hooking, slicing and topping the golf ball.

Asking for the above three things is acknowledging that
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If you are anything like me, I am guilty of taking shortcuts trying to save a dime or two, but sooner or later golf swing instructions are needed. Copying what we think the professional golfer is dong has its limitations because we really do not know what we are looking for nor are we seeing how that golfer may be using special techniques. This is probably one of many reasons we are called amateur golfers.

The golf courses usually have a professional golf instructor available to help you learn how to play better and will offer free golf tips as well.

Golf is a very popular sport and in fact I noticed the other day there was a professional golfer scheduled to teach at an elementary school. I thought this to be unusual, but helpful. In fact, they rescheduled the golfer for two more events. Apparently it was successful.

You may want to check your community calendar and see where some of these professional golf instructors are available. In some situations this might be convenient when you are not able to get
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In the meantime, here is a checklist of three golf swing tips:

1.One of the key corrections which need to be made to improve your golf swing is proper spinal alignment and a correct golf stance.

2.Have a thorough understanding of how the body moves in order to coordinate the skeleton and the muscles to work in a smooth rhythm.

3.Maintain a clear mental focus of the outcome of the shot.

In summary the complete success of the shot is the combined harmony of a strong disciplined body with a strong focused mind.





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