Why Betting on Horse Racing is Easier Than Ever Before

In recent years, there have certainly been many new developments that anyone who seriously likes betting on horse racing should take note of.

Anthony Davis jersey />Of course, arguably the most enjoyable method is still to go to your local racecourse to enjoy a days racing, whilst pitting your wits against one of the many on-course bookmakers. But the new millennium has brought a multitude of outlets where you can bet on horses and in this article we are going to explore some of these new betting methods.

Some of these betting techniques are a bit more complicated than others and so are generally only used by the professionals, however for all of you that enjoy betting on horse racing, there is something for everyone.

Betting On Horse Racing Using The Net

Possibly the most profound change to betting on horses of the last ten years, has been the advent of the internet. With access to the world wide web, punters now have the opportunity to place bets on any race anywhere in the world at virtually anytime.

All of this Frank Gore jersey can be done quickly and easily and from the comfort of your own home. The internet also enables you to monitor the best prices available on horses and of course with the introduction of betting exchanges, you now have the chance to bet against other punters.

This evolution has also caused a rapid increase in the number of horse racing tipster services that are now available. In the past, punters would have had to have telephoned their bets in and relied on horse racing tipsters placing advertisements in newspapers.

These days, the internet is full of options and so if you do your research properly, you should be able to find a racing tipster service that is suitable for your requirements.

Betting On Horses For The Pros

The Internet has also brought with it a new age of ways to bet on horses, as well as other sporting events.

As well as the traditional standard betting and betting using the Tote, you can now spread bet on horse racing (which I have covered in a previous article) and also partake in what is called matched betting.

Matched betting on horse racing is essentially the same as standard betting in as much as you can bet on a horse to win, but the difference being that you can 'create' your own odds, rather that betting with the odds that are being offered by a book marker.

To take part in matched betting all you have to do is review the odds on a particular horse that other people have offered. Once you find one that is suitable you can match their bet. Alternatively, you can set your own odds and see if anyone is prepared to match your bet and price.

This is a method of betting that is growing in popularity, but I would recommend that unless you are well versed in betting in horses, that you stay away from this for the time being.

Fun Bets Are Now More Accessible

The internet has also helped introduce more people to some of the more exotic or fun bets, such as the Tote Scoop Six. The Tote Scoop Six guarantees a large win if you correctly pick six winners from six races, with the option to also receive Braylon Edwards jersey a lesser amount of winnings if your horses place well.

The Scoop Six enables you to bet on any six races from any racecourse across the country on a Saturday afternoon, so that your note restricted to just one racecourse. This in theory gives you a wider opportunity to pick your winners and although this is a popular bet for many punters, I do not recommend it as a staple part of your betting activities.

Beginners Betting On Horse Racing Should Take Note

As you can see, whilst there are many new ways for you to start betting on horse racing, as a beginner I always recommend that you start with the basics rather than trying to be too adventurous too early. Particularly with betting on the internet, as you can lose a lot of money very quickly without even realising it.

Starting with the basics, for example by just betting on horses to win using an online bookie, will enable to get used to betting on horses in Isaac Sopoaga jersey a structured manner. Once you are used to this process, you can then start to look at betting exchanges where you can potentially obtain more value for your bets.

And although you will see bets advertised such as the Scoop Six, Yankees, Doubles and Trebles, my advice is to avoid these at your peril, as they are purely designed, in my opinion, to take a punters money.





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