Why Celtic Tickets Are Worth Investing In

Everyone has their personal favorite sports teams. I know I am biased, but let me just say that I seriously think the Boston Celtics are the greatest basketball team of all time! If David Akers jersey I could, I would purchase Celtic tickets to every game they have and watch the Boston Celtics play live. Celtics tickets may just be the best present anyone can give me. Everyone in my family knows that I am nuts about anything related to the Celtics. I know there may be some people out there who may think that the Celtics are the greatest. They don't even understand what the hype for Celtics ticketsis about. Below, I have stated few of my personal reasons why it's definitely worth it to purchase Celtic Tickets! I hope I Alex Smith jersey can convince you to give my team a chance!

1. The Boston Celtics have an amazing history- The Boston Celtics are one of the league's greatest teams, stat wise. The team was formedin the year 1946 and have set up a home in the TD Garden. The Celtics also hold an impressive championship record. They currently have the number one spot for most number of championships won, with 17 wins. Even their greatest rivals, the LA Lakers only come second to the Boston Celtics with their 16 championship wins. Here's another amazing piece of trivia: LaMichael James jersey from 1957 to 1969, the Celtics won 11 championships. The Celtics also have the honor of holding the record for the longest consecutive championship streak of any North American pro sports team. These reasons are more than enough for anyone to getCeltic Tickets.

2. Larry Bird- Larry Bird, if you are to ask me, is the main reason why Celtic tickets have remained so popular all these years. The man is a living Basketball legend. Larry Bird was drafted into the Celtics in 1978. He played for the team for 13 seasons. During his time with the Celtics, Bird led the team to many, many championships. Larry Bird also managed to win a gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics. In 1992, Larry Bird had to retire from basketball because of some back injuries. Luckily, that wasn't the end of Larry Bird's relationship with basketball. From 1992 to 1997, he brilliantly coached the Indiana Pacers and was even awarded the NBA Coach of the Year in 1998.

3. The Celtics are a championship team- From their strong showing from the time they started up until today, is it any surprise that the Celtics are one of the NBA's most reliable championship team. Fans can always count on a good showing from the Celtics, making their tickets worth the money. They play consistently well, being the only team besides the Los Angeles Lakers to reach Anthony Dixon jersey 3,000 wins.

I could just go on and on about how much I love the Boston Celtics, but I'll let you find out some of the reasons yourself! Get yourself a ticket and watch the Boston Celtics play live. I know you'll immediately become a fan!





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